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Ok, so I've lost like 3 days. I feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished, but I have. Monday Joseph and I started painting the bedroom. I got the first coat of paint finished. we'd planned to work up there Tuesday, but we ended up helping at the church all day. The food bank got this semi full of clothes, furniture, household things and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. I'm not sure how long it took us to unload the seemed like and endless task. After lunch we had the job of categorizing the bags and boxes. UGH! That took forever!!! I didn't get home until 10 til 7, we'd been there since 10:45 that morning! I was so tired and sore...I wanted to go to bed, but Joseph, Eric, Nat and Keren wanted to play Halo, so I drove back to Middleport for a bit...I totally sucked at playing that night...I blame it 100% on my headache. 

Wednesday we went back up to the house and worked some more...I painted the ceiling, molding and trim while he built the wall in the dining room. He put up a few panels of the paneling and few other things. I was hoping to get that room done, but I gave up at 20 after 1 and went home.

I thought today was going to be the day it got completed, but once again I was WRONG!! I found out shortly after I got up that Dale and Gloria were coming down to help at the house. I wanted it to be a surprise for Joseph, but that backfired. He got mad because I didn't check with him to see what his plans were before they came down. We fought about that for a while. We'd planned to clean the church this afternoon because he has to leave in the morning for his weekend training...anywho his whole thing was he didn't want to work at the house tonight because he was going to have work all this whatever. We did go to the house and he didn't have to do any work. Mamaw, Gloria and I did some painting while the guys talked about the paneling. Not a whole lot go accomplished today. Tomorrow will be different! I'm not leaving there tomorrow until it's finished!!
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