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The calm before the storm

Things are starting to calm down a bit. I'm not as stressed out as I was. Tomorrow is my bridal shower and I plan to sit back and not worry about anything! I have a feeling that's gonna be hard for me to do. I'm starting to get really excited about things now that I'm stressing. I bought Joseph's wedding band today, so that's one more thing out of the way :). One day next week we have to go to the courthouse and get our marriage license. The weird thing is, on the internet, it said there's a 5 day waiting period for the license, but when Joseph called they said we'd only have to wait like 5 minutes. I don't know what the deal is with that...oh well..we'll still have plenty of time.

I found something that could be used as a cake topper. It looks like a little sandcastle, so that's one more thing off my list. 

15 days to go!!!! :)
Tags: bridal shower, marriage license, stress, tomorrow, wedding, wedding band

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